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English Correction Services

English Correction

Aristocrat Research Solutions offer English correction of all documents - PhD thesis, dissertations, business documents, research papers, journal submissions, manuscripts and personal papers.

We will help you better understand and complete the corrections made to your texts. To use them, simply select a word or group of words from your text and launch the search in the dictionary, the conjugator, or our interactive grammar.

If you write anything in English you can benefit from having your work checked by us, no matter what your first language is. There are obvious advantages for writers whose first language is not English, but proofreading is important for native English speakers too.

It's easy to make mistakes when support English, but those mistakes can be embarrassing when they appear in an important document or on your website. They can detract from the real quality of the work and may even suggest a lack of professionalism.

We will find and correct all those imperfections of style, grammar, and punctuation, and give you a polished English document that presents a professional impression to your readers.

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